CATT-Acoustic Demo

CATT-Acoustic Demo 9.0

CATT-Acoustic-For room acoustics prediction and auralization
9.0 (See all)

CATT-Acoustic-For room acoustics prediction and auralization: mono, stereo, binaural and B-format.Real time walkthrough auralization via the CATT-Walker™ module.
The hall geometry is described using a structured hierarchic text format created manually, via AutoCAD or other CAD plugins:
* INCLUDE statements enables a hierarchical structure with hall parts defined in separate files
* expressions/math functions (e.g. sin(), cos())
* local and global symbolic numerical constants (e.g. GLOBAL ceil_height = stage_height 10 )
* symbolic string constants (e.g. LOCAL wup = "wall of unknown plaster") e.g. shortcut names
* interactive input of constants with limit check (e.g. GETLOCAL h = 8 INFO = "Ceiling height in meter" MIN = 5 MAX = 18)
* tracing and break statements (SAY, RETURN, BREAK, DEBUG, DEBUGON, DEBUGOFF)
* if-then-else statements for geometry variants
IF balcony THEN
... balcony planes
ELSE (optional)
... other planes
* comments
* tools for surface corner locking and object rotation, translation and copying etc. (e.g. lock(), cut(), x(), y(), z(), OBJECT, ROTATE, TRANSLATE, COPY)
* mirroring of symmetrical (or nearly symmetrical) models (MIRROR)
* optional hiding of invisible edges
* one-step generation of circular coordinates and similar using the loop() function ( e.g. loop(500,a,0,315,45,2*cos(a),2*sin(a),3) )
* plane loops to create e.g. circular shapes with one command
* double-sided planes with one command

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